Başar Özcan
Başar Özcan Full-Stack Developer

I'm Başar

Developer, Lifetime Learner, originally Shipbuilding Engineer, junior homebrewer, snowboarder and LEGO fan.

Me in 10 seconds

I’m a Full-Stack Developer who loves building web applications with using Laravel & VueJS. I'm also Co-Founder of wedding site creator service for Turkish couples, named

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What is

Description: Dugunmuvar is a SAAS product that offer a wedding organizing platform for couples. Couples can create their own wedding websites in just 5 minutes with using pre-defined templates and organize their weddings with messaging, rsvp, countdown, place navigation modules.

Technologies Laravel, VueJS, Tailwindcss, Bootstrap, jQuery, mySQL, Wordpress, nginx for serving

3rd Party: Twilio Programmable SMS API, Mailchimp API, AWS S2, Digital Ocean Droplets, Stripe API, iyzico API (for Turkish payments)

Recent Works

See what I have been working on last with clients and job specifications.



Coverting design to ideasoft (a turkish ecommerce software) template and deliver as ready to work


Tepetaklak Ev İstanbul

Preparing company website with using selected Wordpress theme. Turn-key solution with server & software


Arıtaş Enerji

Preparing company website with using Wordpress theme. Turn-key solution with server & software


Düğün mü var?

Multi-tenancy SAAS platform based on Laravel Framework.

My Side Projects

See what I have been working on last for open source community or learning new technologies.


Todoist Date Identifier Clone

Mimicing todoist’s oen of the best feature that automatically identify date adverbs and tagged in content editable input.


Wedding Seat Planner

Couples can use that application to organize their seat plan. Stack of the project is Mongodb (mongoose), Express, VueJs and NodeJs. Docker-compose ready project.